Educating Boys and Girls in Jane Austen's England 1775-1817

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Event information
Location: Winchester College Treasury, Winchester College, College Street, Hampshire, Winchester, SO23 9NA
Start date: 24/04/2017
End date: 21/08/2017
Start time: 14:00
End time: 16:00
Price: Please refer to website
Telephone: 01962 814638

An exhibition exploring the differences between girls’ and boys’ education in Georgian England

The classical education offered to boys at public schools like Winchester College was different, in many respects, from the teaching of girls in this period. Nonetheless, Jane Austen, and other girls from her background, sometimes had the opportunity to study academic subjects including history, geography and foreign languages, alongside genteel pursuits such as drawing, music and needlework. Austen's lifetime was a period of great debate about the value of female education. There was increasing concern at the shortcomings of girls' schools, and some reformers began to suggest that girls should receive the same kind of education as boys.

The exhibition is open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 2-4pm. Admission is by timed ticket that must be booked in advance via or in person at Kingsgate Books and Prints. For group visits please contact the Curator at, or call 01962 814638.

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