Wet Picnic and Students Respond to Jane's Legacy


Wet Picnic are working with students from Barton Peveril and Alton College on Pride, Prejudice and Profiles. The project combines detailed research gleamed from access to historical sites and Austen experts with interpretation through live and mediated performance created as the young peoples own responses to Jane Austen’s legacy as Hampshire celebrates 200 years since the writer's death.

They have been exploring the lives of those who lived during the Regency era in Hampshire through the lens of Jane Austen’s life and work, and contrasting this with the experience of today’s connected social media generation. The young people have been learning skills in binaural recording, guerilla film making, creative writing and devising and using these new tools to develop a range of performances that communicate their research. The sound experiences can be heard here.

 The project culminates in a ‘grand opening’ of their presentations in early 2018. 

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